Our Gear

To be able to ride or run fast for a long time you need to have the best gear on the market. We partener with brands that allow us to be at our best on race day and will allow us to train on a daily basis.

Running shoes

Learn more about my favorite running shoes, 4 seasons all around the world

Running Gear

To run long and fast you need the best shoes out there.

Running Accessories

Learn more about the peripherals that allows to track our training and be on top day in day out.

Gravel Bike

Racing gravel is demanding on the material, we've got you covered.

Mountain Bike

Mountain bike stage races can put up to 1 year of were on your materiel, trust me I only use gear that I trust.

Bike Accessories

Learn more about the gear that keep us safe and cozy during long days on the saddle.